Send My Son to Africa – Please!

Send My Son to Africa – Please!


I don't know how my little guy, who was worried there would be no more places for him to explore when he grew up, is now ready for some real exploring. But he is!

Aunt Nancy with fam

We've long dreamt of the day that one of our kids could accompany their missionary Aunt Nancy, on a mission trip. This June, the dream is becoming a reality. Caleb will be going to Kenya and Tanzania for a month with other high school students through Student Venture.

What He'll Be Doing

Caleb will have an exciting opportunity to use his gift of speaking to share with students how to achieve academic excellence, rewarding relationships, and how to know Jesus personally. While we hope that Caleb will be able to benefit the students of Africa, we believe that God will also use this trip to change our son. We pray that he will understand how incredibly blessed he is, that he will learn to love and respect people of other cultures, and that he will grow in his faith as he spends time with other committed Christians.

Raising Support

Because Caleb will be serving as a missionary, he must raise supporters who will pray for him and will provide for him financially. The blessing his supporters will receive in return is to hear all about what the Lord is doing in Africa and in him. I will have him share a blog post with all of you! 


If you feel led by the Lord to support Caleb's mission financially, I have added a Donate button to the right sidebar. Some generous ladies have helped him earn five beautiful sets of Premiere jewelry. For every $10 donated, your name will be added to a drawing to win them. I will be drawing for them when his trip is funded or he is heading out–whichever comes first!

Whether you feel called to donate or not, please know that we are so grateful for your prayers on his behalf and on behalf of the people that Caleb's team will be ministering to in Kenya and Tanzania.

Have your children ever gone on an international mission trip or have you? Any advice for me or Caleb?

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