Organizing with Kids – Little Boys’ Bedroom

Organizing with Kids – Little Boys’ Bedroom

Are you starting to wonder if I HAD any clean rooms when I started organizing? This was my youngest sons’ bedroom before I started the simplify101 organizing with kids class. Problems here are once again laundry and poor storage for things like sleeping bags, toys, and a favorite suitcase.

Another problem was too many books and no place to store things the boys wanted easy access to. In case you’re wondering, we have so many books because my husband sells them.

The closet had a similar problem to my daughter’s room. Half the closet was taken up with my husband’s clothing and there was inadequate toy and outsized clothing storage. Having five boys means the youngest has a lot of hand-me-downs! That and the neighbor gives me clothes, too.

Toys were spread out with inefficient storage.

Hanging from the bunk is a hamper that was being used for toy storage by the next to the youngest.


Using the same drawers from Target I got for my daughter’s room, I was able to organize all the outsized clothing. I am drowning in regular plastic bins, so couldn’t justify a really cute toy bin, but this is functional. The legos are stored in the closet now and the suitcase doesn’t have to be pulled off a top shelf.

Sleeping bags are now stored in handled plastic bags that can be easily pulled down and just as easily stuffed back in.

More Target drawers for more outsized clothing and I’m so proud of my husband for decluttering his clothes!

The baby and preschool books were donated, bookends were put in place, and the kids’ banks and junk bowl were put where they can be accessed easily.

One plastic chair was decluttered, leaving only the matching chair that the little guy needs to reach his undies drawer. That drawer was seriously decluttered, too.

I moved the sheets from the top shelves of the closet to an underbed bin for the lower bunk and into the hamper for the top bunk. This will give me one less thing I have to help with.


On the wall facing the bedroom door, I put another cute piece of artwork that matches the color scheme of the room in a Target art frame.

Hope I’ve inspired you to get your litte boy’s bedroom organized!

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Organizing with Kids – Girl’s Bedroom

Organizing with Kids – Girl’s Bedroom

When I started my simplify101 class, I thought I was going to organize one space. I wasn’t sure which one and I didn’t take the best photographs. I ended up tackling all of my kid spaces, and I wanted to share the results with my daughter’s room.

The problem here is basically that my mother’s prayers that I would have a daughter just like me have been answered. 🙂 Clothes, hair pretties, and an ugly kleenex box were issues as were wanting to keep everything on the dresser.

The swimsuit on the floor problem has been previously discussed, but notice there are no dolls in the doll furniture. They are cluttering up the closet instead.

There are multiple problems here, some of which aren’t pictured. My husband was taking up half the closet with suit coats he wasn’t wearing (no matter what he tells you). On the upper shelves of the closet were stacks of off-season and outsized clothing that my daughter would occasionally pull down, resulting in a mess. An ugly day of the week organizer was being used to store clothing that didn’t fit in her drawers and the plastic container of hair pretties (when it wasn’t somewhere else). Lots of stuffed animals and toys were overflowing the storage containers.

My daughter is too much like her mother. Regular cleaning is booooooring, but organizing is great fun. She’s quite good at it. In no time at all, she had gotten rid of many of her hair bows and stuffed animals. Together, this is what we accomplished:

Clothes hae been put away. Yay!

We moved some things from her dresser (not as many as I might like!) and I bought her a new tissue box and a mirror. With five brothers, she doesn’t get enough bathroom time! Her hair pretties are now trimmed down enough to fit inside a drawer organizer in her dresser.

Dolls in the doll furniture frees up closet space.

So did making the top bunk a home for the stuffed animals.

Unfortunately, this is a bad shot, but I want to finish this post, so we’ll stick with it! The plastic drawers from Target store doll clothing which used to float all over the closet. My husband decluttered his clothes. Yay! The large white fabric baskets, also from Target, contain outsized and off-season clothes. The basket can now be used to hold all the little goodies my daughter seems to collect. I have a flower-shaped cork board on order for her, which will also help.

I used Microsoft Word to make some labels that should hopefully prevent Little Miss from pulling these down to see what’s in them.

Finally, in going through years of the kids’ paperwork, I found this painting by my daughter when she was a preschooler that I absolutely love. I put it in a magnetic art frame from Target and put it outside her door. In case you’re wondering, we ordered her bed online. I saw it for sale painted and it was just too expensive. Then I discovered that we could order the bed mostly assembled but unpainted for much less. My husband spent a long time painting it in our garage. When we finally put it together, our UPS delivery man who had watched the progress, wanted to come in and see it! Of course, we obliged.

Hope you have some girl’s bedroom inspiration today!


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Organizing with Kids – Toys and Craft Storage

Organizing with Kids – Toys and Craft Storage

Have I ever mentioned that I homeschool six kids? As a result, I have stuff. A lot of stuff. Not only do we have a lot of toys and games (multiply just six gifts a year times six and you’ll see my problem. Of course, they get more than six gifts each!).

Photo 1
I have spent years coming up with systems for keeping toys, games, and puzzles organized. I have definitely found some approaches that work. For example, storing games vertically works better than horizontally or in bins. What also works is using our old ping pong table to provide storage for suitcases and bins underneath. What isn’t working is the putting away part.

Not only do I have six kids full-time, but I have had 11 more joining us for homeschool activities on Fridays. Our super fun co-op activities require lots and lots of art supplies. Using them is fun. Putting them away isn’t.

As you can see, I’ve tried clever strategies for storing paints and underneath the bench are more art supplies.

Yet another problem with our storage area is that it isn’t just for kids. We keep our gifts, gift wrapping supplies, electronic accessories, party supplies, and seasonal decorations here, too.

In our playroom is a second closet we use for costume storage. This is another area where I need A LOT because of our co-op activities. This year we had to dress for the Revolutionary War and for Africa.

I was determined to get control of these areas while participating in my simplify101 class and to be ready for next school year. The good news is I no longer have toddlers or preschoolers. In theory, the kids should be of help. 🙂 I did enlist everyone’s help in decluttering. The approach that works best for me is to lay out a blanket on the playroom floor. Any of the kids may take items that they wish to donate to the blanket. Anything not worthy of donating goes directly to trash bags. This system works beautifully because everyone can see what is ostensibly being donated. Otherwise the older child gleefully puts all the younger’s favorite toys out for donation. Likewise any educational items would go bye-bye without my watchful eye. My husband played a crucial role in boxing up all the donated items and drove them to the charity the same day.

I haven’t shown you every part of the storage room (there are other shelves that were organized and hidden bins that were emptied), but these are the results!

The red bucket on the right is my solution for keeping this room organized. Anything that needs to be put away goes in the bucket, NOT on the table. When it’s full, it will be emptied.

My other idea was to put plastic tablecloths I already owned on the ping pong table. The paint is chipping off of it anyway and it creates a don’t-mess-me-up atmosphere that partners well with the red tub.

The biggest job with the craft and seasonal storage areas was to throw things out.

I was able to get rid of enough stuff that I could keep a bin of other costume basics that was being stored with the toys and games. As you can see, I am continuing to store outsized shoes here.

Hope I’ve inspired you to unload toys, crafts, or costumes that you don’t use, need, or love!



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