Air Force One

Air Force One

New van

In August, my husband was forced to recognize that his old faithful van was ready for the junk yard. He began talking about getting a new vehicle for me or for him. He said he was afraid that if he got me a new van, he didn’t know when he would get one. I only stated that I could say the same. 🙂 Then, knowing my husband so well, I suggested that either way was okay with me. Pictured above is my new van!

After we purchased this nine-passenger van, my husband was terrified that I wasn’t going to be able to back it out of the driveway without destroying another vehicle, a mailbox, or his yard. We had some rather testy conversations about this. I haven’t had an accident yet. The rearview camera, that works even in the dark, has been very helpful in this regard.

This large van hasn’t just gotten my husband’s attention. People in parking lots like to check it out and make comments. One man said, as I got out of the van, “Wow! This thing is like Air Force One! It’s decked out!” Nicely, he mentioned that he thought I drove it well, too. We’ve already used the van to take my tennis team to an out-of-town match and a group of guys to a football game in Wisconsin.


With all the bells and whistles it has, there is only one thing I don’t like about it. (Okay two. The low gas mileage isn’t great either). That is that I can’t see all my kids. The captain’s chairs hide the little ones in particular. The other day at church, my youngest was left in the van, because no one could see him. Fortunately, it was a nice day and it didn’t take us long to figure out he was missing. I’m starting to think I need to stand near the doors with a checklist of names!

If you pass us on the road, make sure to salute my husband–our family president whose automotive bailout plan we all highly approve of!

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