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A brat typically wants to fit in; a rebel always wants to stand out. A brat wants to wear the same designer clothes that her friends have, no matter what her budget. A rebel wears Goodwill clothes in a bizarre combination if she thinks it will set her apart. A rebel's desire to be superior sometimes explains her disdain for rules and her desire to be challenged. This principle means that it's misguided to tell a rebel:

  • She must join Weight Watchers because everyone she knows belongs
  • She should use David Allen's GTD philosophy to be more productive because it's the most popular approach
  • She should sign up for FLYLady's emails because it works for most of her friends

I have thought of myself as anything but a rebel for most of my life, but I can identify with this rebel characteristic. I wanted to go to a "better" college than any of my classmates–preferably one that no one was familiar with. I also chose to stay at home, homeschool, and have a home birth–all choices that definitely made me stand out! 

If you want to give your rebel a chance to shine, consider:

  • Using a new approach or a tried-and-true approach with a unique twist 
  • Letting your rebel teach or lead while learning 
  • Entering a competition

I have used these principles without even realizing it to good effect. I have created my own task management, housekeeping, and homeschooling approaches. As long as I don't turn these approaches into rules, I do well. I typically blog or speak about subjects I am still trying to master myself, allowing my inner rebel to feel superior even when she's not. When I completed the Body for Life program, I had in mind that I was going to enter the competition, even though I didn't. 

What kinds of things have you done that have set you apart from the crowd? How can you turn the things you want to do into an opportunity for your rebel to shine?

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