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My kids’ and my favorite memories of Valentine’s Day are the games we’ve played. Whether you play any of these 90+ games with your family, co-op, church, or in a classroom, you’ll be blessed. Be sure to pin this post and check out the other amazing Valentine’s posts in this Homeschool Days Blog Hop at the bottom of the page.

The Ultimate List of Valentine's Games for Kids

Back to Back Challenge – Kids sit back-to-back with a partner and arms interlocked and try to be the first pair to stand up.

Be Mine, Valentine Dice Game – Uses candy and instructions for rolls

Breathless – A relay where teammates pass tissue hearts to one another using the suction of a straw

Candy Ball – Candies are wrapped up in a large ball made of Saran Wrap. Players can unroll to get the candy until the next player rolls doubles in dice.

Conversation Heart Bingo

Conversation Hearts Memory Game – free printable

Cupid’s Arrow – Teams compete to see how many q-tips they can blow into a heart-shaped bowl with a straw.

Cupid’s Tree Scavenger Hunt

Don’t Break My Heart – The child who is it is out of the room when the heart is chosen that has a candy marker that they cannot eat. Played like Don’t Eat Pete.

Don’t Break My Heart! – Kids have to pass a tissue paper heart around to their team members using clothes pins without tearing it.

Fill My Heart With Love – Counting printable game for toddlers using a dice and heart markers.

Find Your Heart Mate – Kids find the person who has either the answer or the math problem that matches them (written on half a heart).

Healthy Heart Exercise Game – Has to do the type and number of exercise rolled before the next child goes.

Heart Attack – A number line addition game

Heart Balloon Stomp – Players have a balloon tied around their ankle and tries to stomp the others’ while keeping theirs intact.

Heart Dominoes – printable

Heart Lava – Team members race across the room by moving around on two large paper hearts.

Heart Toss Game – Throw paper balls through a suspended open heart. Or throw heart-shaped balls into heart-shaped bowls.

Heart Relay – Relay race using conversation hearts, spoons, and cups.

Heart Walk – Played like a cake walk with music and Valentine’s candy.

Hearts and Arrows – Arrows are aimed into a box with a heart-shaped opening

Hearts to Hearts – Played like Apples to Apples, printable game

Hug, Hug, Kiss – Played like duck-duck-goose

Hugs and Kisses – Valentine’s version of Simon Says.

I Heart Counting – Preschoolers look for hidden, numbered felt hearts and match them to the corresponding heart on a board. Also with Hershey’s kisses.

Kissing Booth – Guess how many Hershey’s kisses are in a jar.

Discover the Verse – One word of a verse having to do with love is put on a construction paper heart. Kids work together to put the verse in order.

I’ll Tumble for You – Valentine’s version of Jenga with love-related questions

Licorice Race – First person to eat the whole piece of licorice without using their hands wins.

Marshmallow Ball – Get as many marshmallows into your partner’s mouth as possible.

Match the Candy Heart to the Verse – Kids read a Scripture and decide which “candy” heart matches it.

Matchmaker – Teams are awarded points for saying the correct member of a pair like Romeo and Juliet.

Mitten Race – Wearing adult ski gloves, kids unwrap a piece of candy, put it in their mouths, and pass the gloves to their teammate.

Musical Love Chairs – Decorate chairs with hearts and use love-themed music

My Heart is Bursting – Kids break through tissue-covered cups to retrieve prizes.

Preschool Valentine’s Math – Kids use tweezers/chopsticks to remove conversation hearts from colored rice to match the number rolled on a die.

Pin the Lips on Mrs. Valentine – Also Plant a Kiss on the Frog game

Stealing Kisses – The child who is it doesn’t know who has taken the chocolate kiss from the middle of the circle and asks, “Did you steal my kiss?’ until discovering the culprit.

Spot the Hearts – Put hearts around the room and see if kids can find them all

The M & M Hunt Game – Teams receive clues as to the location of baggies containing M & Ms. They take three from each location and don’t know the point values of various colors until the end.

Valentine’s Dictionary – Valentine-themed Pictionary

Valentine’s HeadBandz – Kids have to guess what Valentine symbol they are wearing in their headband.

Valentine’s I Spy

Valentine’s Bean Bag Toss – Using a heart-shaped scoreboard, kids throw bean bags to earn points.

Valentine’s Hopscotch – Print out pages to be used on the floor with tape. A child throws a marker, skipping the page it lands on.

Valentine’s Bean Bag Toss – a DIY painted board with holes worth various points

Valentine’s Balloon Games

Valentine’s File Folder Games – educational games for young learners

Valentine’s Roll and Cover Dice Game – free printable for preschoolers

Valentine Hearts Spelling Game – using letter tiles

Valentine’s Matching Game – Using Hershey’s kisses

Valentine Math Game – Roll a die and cover that many holes in the heart. Be the first to cover all the holes.

Valentine Present Pass – Every time the word pink is read in a poem, the present is passed to the next person. Another version.

Valentine’s Scattergories

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt – Another version.

Valentine Scrabble – Using Scrabble Cheez-Its

Valentine’s Maze – Printable. Who can finish first?

Valentine’s Sudoku Puzzle – Who can finish first?

Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe

Valentine’s Word Scramble There are more here

Valentine Yahtzee

Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve – The person who is it tries to guess who has a heart on his sleeve since the other kids’ hands are hidden behind them.

What Kind of Candy Am I? – See which team gets the most answers correct on this printable questionnaire.

Minute to Win It Valentine’s Games

Minute-to-Win-It games are so much fun. You can create your own list of games to be completed individually or in teams in one minute. A few of these links include  score card printables.

A Bit Dicey – Using a tongue depressor in the mouth, see how many dice can be stacked on it in one minute.

Apple Stack – Stack as many apples as you can in one minute.

Bottle Drop – See how many conversation hearts you can drop into a bottle in one minute (distance makes it harder).

Candy Corn Stick Up – Whoever has the most candy corn (Valentine’s colored) standing up at one minute wins a point for their team.

Candy Pick Up – Using chopsticks to move various Valentine’s candy from one plate to another, the child who moves the most wins a point for their team.

Chop Stick Dig – Kids fill up their cups with as much candy as they can using chop sticks to pull it out of a bowl of popcorn. They have one minute before turning the chopsticks over to the next person on their team.

Conversation Heart Scoop Race – Hearts are scooped one at a time with a spoon.

Cookie Face – Try to move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth in one minute without using your hands.

Cut Out Hearts – How many construction paper hearts can you cut out in a minute?

Decorate Cookies – How many heart-shaped cookies can you decorate in a minute?

Defying Gravity – Kids try to keep two balloons off the floor for one minute.

Elephant – Kids wear a pair of tights on their head with a baseball in one leg and attempt to use it to knock down 12 water bottles in a minute.

Heart Stack – Whoever can stack large conversation hearts higher at the end of one minutes wins a point for their team.

Hershey Kiss Relay – How many times can teams go back and forth with a kiss on a spoon in a minute?

Hershey Kiss Unwrapping – How many kisses can you unwrap in a minute

Junk in the Trunk – Kids have one minute to try to shake all the ping pong balls out of an empty kleenex box tied to them.

M & M Race – Kids use straw suction to pick up M & Ms from one plate and move them to another. You can also do this with Valentine’s marshmallows.


Marshmallow Race – Blow as many marshmallows across the table using a straw as you can in one minute.

Marshmallow Toss – Throw as many marshmallows into an empty bowl to win a point for their team.

Minute to Win It Printable – Uses candy to create a template in a minute

One-Handed Bracelets – Thread as many Fruit Loops onto a pipe cleaner with one hand in a minute as you can.

Puzzle Race – Put as many Valentine’s themed puzzles together in a minute as possible.

Tweeze Me – Using a pair of tweezers in one hand, move as many conversation hearts from one plate to another in one minute as you can.

Valentine Word Search – Find as many words as you can in one minute.

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