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I’ve told you about www.LibraryThing.com and www.shelfari.com. Now I want to introduce you to my new hobby, www.paperbackswap.com.

I order a lot of used books from Amazon. I can get them very inexpensively, but have to pay $3.99 for shipping. Now, all I have to do is post my books (hard and softcover) that I’m willing to share via ISBN. When someone orders one of my books, I print the shipping label WITH postage, tape it up, pop it in the mail, and I am able to order a book from someone else. As yet, I have never paid more than $3.19 to ship. Average is about $2.60. I won’t be putting all my used books out for charity anymore! Don’t worry. I still donate plenty of goodies to charity.

If you give it a try (and I hope you do), please put Melanie Wilson as the person who referred you so I can earn free books!

Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been. It has hasn’t been reading many books! I allowed myself to have a major event each month since January. I did not have time to blog or do much of anything else. I plan to blog about a book that is helping me get back on track soon. Happy Memorial Day!

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