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Many of us homeschooling moms not only have fears about our children but about our parents as well. This month in the Trust Project we will focus on trusting God with our parents.

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Why trust God with your parents?

What are the benefits of trusting God with our parents? For me, the benefits are less time spent worrying, a better relationship with my mom who is still living, and certainly a better relationship with God. What are the things we will stop doing this moth? I hope worrying is one of those. Perhaps we will stop trying to control our parents’ choices. If you have a parent who is not a believer, you might stop witnessing to them when it feels forced or fear based. What things will we start doing if we’re trusting God with our parents? Perhaps we will enjoy our time with them in the moment. If you are estranged from a parent, perhaps you will reach out to them. Or if your relationship with a parent is an unhealthy one, you might allow God to meet the needs that an earthly parent isn’t meeting. How will you know that you’re trusting God with your parents? You might have peace of mind, better conversations, or fewer conflicts with siblings over what to do about a parent’s care.

Next, we will work through the TRUST acronym.

T is for truth.

I love this Scripture. One of the fears we can have as our parents age is that we are now responsible for their care. Certainly we bear some responsibility, but God has never left our mom and dad. He is caring for them and we can rely on Him for that as much as we can rely on His care for us.

Our Bible account is Genesis 43. Joseph meets with his brothers in Egypt and asks after his aging father. It’s clear that Joseph is concerned about him. But he learns that he is alive and well. God had sustained him just as he had Joseph, even though he had suffered great sorrow in the loss of his son. God knows the number of our parents’ days and is in control of them. In fact, He doesn’t need our help to keep them alive and well.

This month, record the thoughts that lead you to distrust God with your parents. Then refute them with the truth. Repeat Scripture or just truths you would share with a friend who had the same fears.

The R in TRUST is for Remember.

At one time I thought my dad would suffocate and die. He had COPD. I know he thought that is how he would die as well. I also feared that my dad hadn’t put his faith in Jesus Christ. I wasn’t doing the Trust Project then, but I want to share what happened.

I received a call that my dad needed surgery and had only a 50% chance of survival. I was beside myself with grief. I cried out to the Lord for his life, opened the Bible randomly, and read words that gave me confidence he would live. He did.

A few years later, I happened to call my dad a day early for our weekly chat. Typically, when I had other plans on our chat night, I would forget to call until the next day. This was before I had a smart phone that would remind me. In our conversation, my dad affirmed his faith in Jesus. I was so happy. The next night, the night I would have normally called, I got a call from my mom instead. My dad had had a heart attack and died quickly thereafter. My father didn’t suffocate. And I knew where he would wake up. God can be trusted to care for our parents.

Remember how God has been faithful where your parents are concerned.

The U in TRUST is for Understanding.

What wisdom has God already given you for your relationship with or care of your parents. When a friend was caring for both her parents in their home, I sent her a book that was just for caregivers. She said it was a great help to her in a very trying situation. She knew from that book that it was critical for her to have respite care and take breaks. No sense crying out to God for help if you’re not using the wisdom He has already given you.

The S in TRUST is for Supplication.

For years I prayed that my mom who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 18 years ago would have more strength. The Lord answered that prayer far above and beyond what I imagined was possible. My mother’s illness went into remission two years ago. She is currently working as a caregiver for someone else.

Present your requests for your parents to God and believe that He hears them and will answer in His love and wisdom.

The T in TRUST is for Thanksgiving.

My father died when I was 31. He only met two of my children. I wanted more time with him, and I still miss him so much. But even as I mourn, I thank God for a father that was good enough to miss. What a blessing he was for over 30 years. I am thankful my dad is with Jesus and that he wouldn’t return here even if given the choice. I am thankful too that the Lord gave me men who served as fathers in my life after he passed.

Thanking God really does help to heal our hearts when something in our relationship with parents is lacking.


We can have peace and even joy where our parents are concerned when we believe the truth, remember God’s faithfulness, understand the wisdom He has already given us, pray for them, and thank God for all He’s done in our parents’ lives and in ours.

How do you struggle to trust God with your parents? Comment and let me know.

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