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New things make me happy so today's list is Terrific rather than happy.

First, I think it's terrific that I am going without a picture. I took one, but don't feel like using one and that's OK!

Second, I got a bunch of things done for the presentation our friend, Dr. Carl Werner, will be doing for our church at the end of October.

Third, I am delighted that friends suggested we plan Trunk or Treating this October as well. I found out it was a week past the deadline to advertise it in the church's monthly newsletter. I decided to write something up and pray it might get put in anyway. It did!

Fourth, I wrote a new episode of God's Witness News, a video ministry I started with my kids and haven't done all summer. I'm praying my second son will agree to do it!

Fifth, I really enjoyed writing back and forth with my new friend, Jacqueline, today.

Sixth, I am so glad the kids picked up the basement and all without me ever getting mad.

Seventh, I am happy I have homemade yogurt brewing made with milk fresh from the farm.

Eighth, I spent time preparing for my first day as a Daisy troop leader tomorrow.

Ninth, I had a blast being my kids' personal trainer today.

Tenth, I was fascinated by our study of Pompeii in history today. Can't wait to get a video on the subject!

Finally, I have loved having no appointments today and that I still have time to read before bed! See you tomorrow and hope you have a terrific day, too.

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