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Wednesday was certainly a day to give glory to our Wonderful Counselor. Here's what was wonderful about my Wednesday:

Time to discuss the things of God with my wonderful husband

Time with friends at P.E.

Time at the park with a dear friend to talk about our faith

A nap!

Getting my hair cut and time to encourage my hairdresser who will have surgery for cancer on Tuesday. Add her supernatural peace to your prayers, please!

Got dinner made and everyone fed before 6.

A time to talk about God's incredible creation during my son's confirmation class. I am so thankful that my child and I know the truth and I pray that others will, too.

Listening to our audio book together as a family.

Ending the day reading my book on prayer. I have offered my body to Christ as a living sacrifice. I am so relieved to know that I don't have to worry about my body anymore because it belongs to God.

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