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Img_6125_002If you’re looking for help in the kitchen and you can’t afford a chef, you’ll love these new websites. My friend, Shari, gave me the link to www.menus4moms.com. I haven’t used her service yet, but here’s what I like. #1 – It’s free! And it’s a system based on the practices I teach in my workshop, "You Can Make Meaningful Meals in Minutes (for Not Much Money)." The only drawback to the menus is they aren’t based on sales in your area and they aren’t diet-specific. If you’re looking for low-carb, for example, you won’t find it there.

A fee-based service ($1.25/week) plans diet-specific meals based on sales at your local grocery: www.e-mealz.com. I don’t shop at the stores listed by e-mealz, but I did find a site that offers meal plans based on my local grocery store’s sales. Do a web search on meal planning in your area and you may find a similar service.

These services are additional helps for figuring out what to make your family. The most important step is to have a plan! If you don’t know what’s for dinner next week, why don’t you look in your cupboards? A quick search of www.allrecipes.com or your recipe software can tell you what you could make with those ingredients. You can automatically add any other necessary ingredients to your shopping list. If you plan well ahead of time, you can buy ingredients at the very best price.  For now, let’s just figure out what to eat this week!