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People who hear my “Tummy Trouble” story and learn about my food allergies ask me why so many people have food allergies now. I’m sure I don’t know! But I’ve shared with them the over-exposure hypothesis I’ve read. People may become allergic to foods they over-indulge in. For example, few Americans are allergic to rice, but many Asian people are.

That explanation doesn’t satisfy me though. Are we really over doing it on the peanuts for example? I am usually not one to believe Chicken Little. But my reading about genetically modified (GM) crops has me concerned. When you look at the data about contamination of unmodified crops with GM crops by wind and bee spread of pollen, there appears to be even more cause for concern. Bees are also dying inexplicably. Could GM crops be the explanation? I have read of the dangers of canola and soy and perhaps you have, too. Could it be that there is nothing inherently wrong with these foods, but GM crops are giving our immune systems fits? We worry about bio-terrorism, but maybe we’re terrorizing ourselves?

If this article gives you concern, we should be applying pressure to stop the manufacture and planting of GM crops of all kinds. http://www.seedsofdeception.com/Public/Newsletter/June2007GMCornMayCauseAllergies/index.cfm

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