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Img_5865_edited1I wanna know why you refuse to say yes to the simplest of requests. I wanna know why you love squirting toothpaste all over the bathroom. I wanna know why you insist on dumping all your dollhouse furniture on the floor and leaving it there. I wanna know why you’re able to cut curtains with child scissors when I can barely cut paper with them. I wanna know why you cut your hair. I wanna know why you stripped all the wallpaper from your beautiful room. I wanna know why your favorite place to put stickers is on the legs of the furniture. I wanna know why you would rather rip open dozens of Band-Aid packages than color any day. I wanna know why you dump out your garbage can and wear dirty clothes out of the hamper. I wanna know why you color with my lipsticks and pour bath soap on the floor. I wanna know why you shave with your daddy’s razor. I wanna know why you spray mirrors with Pledge and write on mirrrors, walls, and floors with markers. I wanna know why you open and break anything you find.  I wanna know why you’ve been able to dress and undress yourself (and do repeatedly each day) since you were one when your four-year-old brother still needs help. I wanna know why you think you can pour your own juice and change your own dirty pants and can clean up your own messes when you clearly can’t. But most of all, I wanna know why, in spite of all your destructiveness, I am so head over heels in love with you.

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