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Rather than have a limited set of New Year's resolutions this year, I thought it might be more fun to have lots of different goals to aim for. It's true that some of these goals are really tasks and some are projects. But I don't think the goal police are going to come get me, do you? I will be evaluating these goals on pretty much of a daily basis using Goalman on my iPhone. The great thing is that I can enter the percentage of each I achieved. So if I do something once a week that I said I would do twice, you guessed it! I'll enter 50%. My friend, Jacqueline, is helping to motivate me by competing with me to see how many of these goals we each achieve in a year's time. We are both aiming for a 75% success rate. That is, if we do 75% of a goal, that's success, and if we accomplish 75 of our 100 goals, that's success, too!

So here are my goals. If you see any of them here that refer to you, maybe you'll help me achieve them! 😉

Purge and
organize basement storage room

Spend one evening a month organizing printed photos into categories

Disney photobook printed

Clean out
office sewing closet

Redo kids’
school notebooks for 2nd semester

upstairs carpet

Groom dog


youngest’s cavity filled

10.  Take dog to vet

11.  Organize contents of over-sized art files

12.  Work on home photo projects once a month

13.  Wash MBR comforter

14.  Make 22 meals for the freezer in a day

15.  Bake home-milled sourdough bread once a month

16.  Work out every day until Cancun

17.  Create a motivational plan for kids’ schoolwork

18.  Do chores with the kids daily

19.  Do at least one load of laundry six days a week

20.  Use Family Dinner Fix meal plans 3 times a month

21.  Read all Omnibus books scheduled

22.  Limit recreational computer time to one hour per day

23.  Clean email inbox out daily

24.  Make it to court 1 in tennis league at least once

25.  Develop tennis serve enough to serve hard every first serve
for at least 1 league

26.  Read at least 24 books for recreation

27.  Teach piano once a week

28.  Practice piano 5 days a week

29.  Refuse enough unnecessary purchases to donate $1000 to

30.  Train dog 5 days a week

31.  Purge my clothes

32.  Blog on both blogs once a week

33.  Have a family game night once a week

34.  Have a family reading/devotion night once a week

35.  Finish reading chronological Bible

36.  Plan an outing to the winery with friends

37.  Plan a trip to Mark Twain Lake

38.  Plan a picnic in Sullivan with Mom

39.  Read bedtime stories to youngest at least 3 days a week

40.  Enforce bedtimes daily

41.  Finish filing in the school room

42.  Organize all paper inbox materials

43.  Organize/purge digital pictures or work on photobooks once a week

44.  Clean out main floor freezers

45.  Watch at least one full season of Little House on the

46.  Take friend out for lunch at least four times

47.  Organize marriage Bible study

48.  Plan Elaina’s birthday party

49.  Plan and hold Caleb & Sam’s birthday party

50.  Organize a nerf gun war at church

51.  Finish and edit The Playbook

52.  Get up at 6 a.m. daily

53.  Thoroughly clean and organize kids’ bathroom

54.  Plan and prepare for next school year

55.  Do something for the Happiness Project at least once a week

56.  Spend at least 20 hours working on motivational book

57.  Purge and organize main floor and basement pantry

58.  Plan a family trip to Chicago and Michigan

59.  Clean out MBR closet

60.  Make a list of potential subjects for What Kids Need to Know

61.  Try out for Beauty and the Beast

62.  Develop a list of ideas for a speakers series at church

63.  Organize and start a ministry to get kids involved in

64.  Write and tape another episode of GWN

65.  Organize girls’ night out with church friends

66.  Organize couples’ night out with church friends

67.  Use Wii Fit at least twice a week

68.  Use My Fitness Coach at least three times a week or decide
to use something else

69.  Have a family movie night at least once a week

70.  Create fitness ministry video

71.  Help fitness ministry with publicity before I leave

72.  Have house clean and orderly before I go to Cancun

73.  Spend at least one hour per month purging files from

74.  Write at least one hand-written letter per month

75.  Spend at least one evening making homemade cards

76.  Limit kids’ total media use to no more than 2 hours per day

77.  Take the kids somewhere on the train

78.  Go on a hot air balloon ride

79.  Plan a float trip and stay at cabins with church friends

80.  Submit novel to a publisher

81.  Draft a women’s Bible study video series idea

82.  Go water skiing

83.  Complete videography course that I own

84.  Practice tennis skills as recommended on video

85.  Work through singing videos

86.  Sing karaoke with Mom and Fran in public

87.  Organize junk journal class

88.  Work on junk journal once a week

89.  Have another food competition with neighbors

90.  Memorize Psalm 34

91.  Read College Prep Homeschooling

92.  Have niece and fiancée over for dinner

93.  Take other niece out for dinner

94.  Plan homeschool co-ops for the rest of the year

95.  Eat at Dave & Busters

96.  Finish retreat publicity

97.  Prepare for Idaho retreat

98.  Eat 0-5 daily

99.  Write devotionals and apply to be a regular writer

100. Write
Creative Connections talk

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