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I’ve spoken of my fondness for TaskCurrent before, but now you might say we’re in a relationship.

I’m one of their featured authors currently providing streams on fitness, difficult people, and homeschooling.

If you own an iDevice, I highly recommend you download TaskCurrent at the App Store.

TaskCurrent allows you to sign up for streams–a topic-focused series of mini blog posts with associated to-do’s. These are like little shots of wisdom and advice that take no time to read.

Here’s what LifeHacker had to say about TaskCurrent. I like that the developers want family-friendly content and they’ve been really wonderful to work with.

I’ve created two streams in particular that I think you will like.

The first is 15 Days of Fitness Inspiration. You’ll find it in the Health & Fitness category. I’ve collected 15 videos, articles, and blog posts that will help you finally get fit. It’s like 5-hour Energy for fitness, without the shakes and insomnia. Oh, and it’s free.

The second stream I authored that may be of interest is a series on dealing with difficult people. You’ll find this in the Relationships category. I combined a number of blog posts I’ve written on the topic into a series of advice. It’s one of the most popular subjects I speak about.

I will have more streams available in the future, but for now:

  • please download the app
  • subscribe to one or more of my streams
  • and spread the word!
  • If you like my streams, please rate them. (If you don’t like them, I don’t mind if you’re too busy to rate.)

When you share this on your favorite social media, you will help people find my streams (and other helpful streams) on TaskCurrent and God willing, help change people’s lives. Thanks in advance for helping me help others!

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