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I’ll admit it. I’ve been bad. I’ve been doing a series on my personal blog, psychowith6, chronicling my attempts at spending 15 minutes a day with the kids outside. It’s really supposed to be interacting with the kids and not me doing what I want outside while the kids happen to be there, too. That’s the problem!

What’s a Personal Blog?

A second problem I’ve had is keeping up with three blogs in addition to six kids. I’ve tried to keep this blog more professional than personal. I’ve realized that this is more than just a time management problem. You probably aren’t reading this blog simply to get information, but to interact with me on various topics. What’s great about that is that’s what I want too. Just as I don’t want to be outside with my kids doing my own thing, I don’t want to hang out here in cyber space not getting to know you better.

So Not Wonder Woman is going to be a personal blog. I have no idea when or even how I will make the switch over, but if you’re a friend or family member who only catches up with me on psychowith6, I hope you’ll subscribe to Not Wonder Woman or will “Like” me on Facebook to get updates. What will you get if you subscribe to this blog? I don’t know yet. We can both be surprised! One thing I do know is that I have a great meal planning ebook in the works and you’ll probably get it free if you’re on my list.

What’d You Do Outside?

Week 9 was honestly spent running around getting ready to go on vacation to our favorite place: Gulf Shores, Alabama. I was outside cleaning the van we call Air Force One with the kids and getting it wired up to become our rolling entertainment center. It was our first time taking the new van to Alabama and we loved it. Maybe too much. I wonder if we were so comfortable that we blissfully drove an hour in the wrong direction on the way back home. Whoops!

The 15 Minutes Outside Challenge has been such a challenge that I spent time on the beach figuring out the problem. I don’t have a plan! It’s become another “What’s for Dinner?” dilemma each day. My intention is to create a great list of things to do outside with the kids. I’ve also signed up for Streakly to motivate me to create a long streak of consecutive days with time outside with the kids. I’ll let you know how it goes. Now to Week 10.

Week 10

The kids, the beach, and my camera–a perfect recipe for a delicious time outside. This is Nick, my baby, and he’s a character. He reminds me of his Grandpa Jack with his curly hair and easy-going personality.

This is my photogenic daughter, Elaina. I got a lot of gorgeous shots of her and will be using them in future posts I’m sure. Unfortunately, she got a really bad sunburn the first day on the beach. That seems to happen every year no matter what we do.

The rays that kept swimming up and down the beach were new this year. We aren’t sure if they are sting rays or manta rays or even if they were dangerous, but there were people who seemed to enjoy being the warning system, telling us they were on their way.

I absolutely love this photo. There’s just one problem. My oldest son, Caleb, is missing. He had to stay with his aunt and uncle so he could be home to take his AP exams. I tried to work it out so he could join us, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. It’s a sign of things to come I’m afraid.

How’s this for spending time with the kids outside? We took a dolphin cruise and this was one of the sweet critters who surfed the boat’s wake.

Have you been getting outside with the kids? Or just getting outside?


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