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5 Days of Christmas Fun. Easy fun Christmas games, writing activities, crafts, books, and movies for your kids with supply list.Are you in need of a break from your regular homeschool schedule? Me too! But when it comes to deciding how to inject a little Christmas fun into our days, I can become overwhelmed. Yes, there are TOO MANY ideas to sift through!

But sift through them I did and I created a plan for five days of Christmas fun for elementary school kids that doesn’t require lots of prep time or expense. You can do a whole school week of fun or have a fun day once a week. You may not want to do everything I’ve chosen, but at least you have a good starting point for your own plans. Here we go!

5 Days of Christmas fun plan and supply list. Enter the cash giveaway, too!

The Plan

Download the PDF and you’ll have all the links you need when you need them AND a supply list for each activity. Don’t want to purchase the books? Check your church library or substitute books you already own. I got all four of the Hallmark videos listed for under $8. But you may be able to find them on Netflix. You could easily substitute movies you own, get movies from the library, or check your TV listings and record movies you’d like to see.

Check out my Christmas Inspiration board on Pinterest where you’ll find photos of these crafts, snacks, and games.
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5 Days of Christmas from iHomeschool Network

More Fun

Be sure to check out iHomeschool Network’s other 5 Days of posts for even more great ideas this month. And what would be more fun than winning over $400 to spend this Christmas? Enter to win the giveaway below!

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