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5 Days to Your Child Becoming a Better ReaderThe better a child reads, the more he will read. The more a child reads, the better her reading skills will be.

But why does reading matter?

Better readers tend to enjoy more academic success in every subject, higher incomes as adults, and even better relationships. Encouraging our children to become better readers should be a primary goal in our homeschools. I’m passionate about children not just learning to read, but becoming avid readers. I’ve written about encouraging reluctant readers here and here and I’ve authored curriculum to help homeschool parents build better readers and writers.

But first, I want to give you some ideas you can use today to help your child read well and love it for life.

5 Days to Your Child Becoming a Better Reader

1. How to Find Books Your Child Will Enjoy
2. Could Your Teaching Approach Be Keeping Your Child From Reading?
3. What to Do When Phonics Doesn’t Work
4. How to Improve Your Child’s Reading Fluency
5. How to Increase Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

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