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There are any number of reasons why your child may not be wild about reading: 

1) Books he's given are too challenging for him

2) The material doesn't interest him

3) She might have a learning disability like dyslexia

4) Not enough reading role models

5) She's an auditory learner

6) Other options for entertainment are too easily accessible (e.g., video games)

7) He is anxious about it, possibly because Mom or Dad is, too

Whatever the reason for his reluctance, it's a good idea to take a relaxed approach to trying several different approaches to encouraging reading. I have two websites for you and your child to check out. The first is a great one for kids at the very beginning of their reading journey: Starfall. Your child can brush up on phonics and take the focus off her performance by rating the stories she reads. It's completely free!

The second website is from Disney. It offers 600 titles from picture to chapter books. Books can be read to your child or unknown words can be touched and read to them. A dictionary can quickly be accessed, too. Kids love the realistic turning pages. The most innovative part of the program is the intermittent (and unexpected) quizzes that test comprehension and award points. Get a free week trial here without giving your credit card! If you love it, up to three children can read as many books as they'd like for $8.95/month. Very reasonable in my opinion! And nope, I don't get anything for sending you there. 


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