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Be Willing to Try Something New

My mother was always game for a new adventure. She remodeled houses that were in danger of being condemned. She started a large daycare in her home. She was willing to be trained to be one of the first women to work in appliance repair for Sears. She willingly moved to a small acreage where she had new adventures in raising animals and planting crops. She willingly tackled a completely new career of activity directing in a nursing home for many years. In these latter years, she’s been willing to learn computers and blogging. She’s even taught me a thing or two!

Wonder Women need to be willing to try new things.

Have Fun

My mother has always liked to have fun. She could make the most boring tasks interesting. I fondly remember our team house- cleaning competitions. She turned a snowed-in Halloween into one of my favorite family memories. She loved to entertain–the more the merrier. As an activity director, my mom enjoyed wearing crazy jewelry and planning creative activities that she knew the residents would enjoy. Her ready smile and laughter went hand-in-hand with her love of fun.

Wonder Women need to have fun.

Keep Things Simple

My mother is a fabulous cook, but rarely uses a cookbook and even more rarely uses anything but the most basic spices. My husband and I raved about some mostaccioli she made once and left for us at our house. When I called to ask her how she’d made it, she didn’t know it was mostaccioli and she’d used nothing more than the simplest ingredients. She doesn’t understand why I have to have complex systems and rules for doing things and neither do I.

Wonder Women keep it simple.

Don’t Complain

My mother has had a number of challenges in her life–physically, emotionally, and financially. But I can’t ever remember her complaining about them. Even now that she has multiple sclerosis, she is determined to have a positive attitude and be thankful for what she has, rather than what she doesn’t. What a rare trait this is! Okay, she might complain about her husband occasionally. 😉

Wonder Women don’t complain (much).

Serve Others

Even though caring for people in need isn’t fun, my mother has done it as long as I can remember. From caring for a young boy with cancer to caring for my father even after they’d divorced, to sewing and cooking for her best friend as she battled the last stage of cancer, my mother has always known the importance of service and people love her for it.

Wonder Women serve others.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my my mom’s birthday and she would love it if you would drop by her blog and give her a happy birthday comment. While you’re there, you might enjoy reading some of her stories. She’s a great writer.

What lessons did your mother teach you?


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