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Img_0746This is Miss Daisy–our delightful 3-month-old Coton de Tulear puppy. The breeder who sold her to us has experienced a lot of heartbreak. Her husband was killed in an accident, forcing her to have her adult dogs fixed as her husband was primarily responsible for breeding the dogs. Daisy was the last pup the widowed breeder had to sell and she was stunned to learn that Daisy had a congenital heart defect. Without a very expensive surgery, Daisy would die.

My first dog, Honey, survived distemper. Honey was called the Miracle Dog by her vet who never charged me office visits as we both worked to save her life. I figured I was meant to own another miracle dog. I mentioned to some people that we were considering buying this little pup with a heart defect and the response was, "Why would you want to buy a dog with a heart defect?" What immediately occurred to me was that Jesus was most likely asked a similar question: "Why would you want to buy people with a heart defect? The cost, the risk are too great!"

I am so very glad I bought Miss Daisy who survived her surgery and is thriving, but I am even more elated that Jesus bought me with His own life–defective though I am. Daisy is a miracle dog, alive because of her loving, generous breeder and a well-trained veterinary surgeon. But we are wonders, too. We have a new life in Christ because of our loving father, the Great Physician who saved us and gave us new hearts.

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