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I have decided to get real about vacations from now on and stop living in my fantasy world. You know, the fairy tale vacation that goes like this:

I am packed way ahead of time and my house is completely clean and organized as we head to the car. The kids are sound asleep for several hours and when they wake up they are healthy, grateful, and easy going. They have very little need to eat or use the restroom.

My husband has been a huge help and ensures that we leave on time. He is so thankful for all I’ve done to get ready that he insists on driving most of the way so I can rest. He trusts my navigating completely and spends the whole trip telling me how beautiful I am and telling me I can go wherever I would like to eat.

When we arrive, the weather is idyllic and the kids jump to help unload the car. They tell me, “Well sleep with whoever you want us to, Mom.” They follow up with, “Mom, go ahead and put the video games away. We just want to enjoy God’s creation and time with our friends.” No one gets bored or sunburned.

I just love that story, don’t you?

A Fairy Tale Vacation

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