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A fitness sanity saver for homeschoolers, bloggers, and other sitters

Even though fitness is a regular part of my life, I do a lot of sitting. I usually sit to read to the kids and I sit at the computer for many activities. That’s a problem.

The Problem with Sitting

Sitting a lot has been shown to decrease life expectancy. It also decreases caloric burn, thereby contributing to weight gain. Sitting can contribute to a number of physical disorders as outlined in The Washington Post.

Potential Solutions

Taking breaks from sitting  is a great idea. We use the Move app between subjects. It suggests one-minute exercises at regular intervals.

Standing desks are another solution. I purchased this one. standing deskI have to admit I haven’t used it much. I really hate standing. I would rather walk a mile than stand in one place for a minute. I understand that standing has to be worked up to. I would like to work up to standing for at least one work period a day.

Because I like to walk, a treadmill desk is an option. The problem with this for me is the size, the expense, and the small work space.    

I write with my ASUS Transformer attached to a large monitor. Here’s my review of the ASUS Transformer if you’re looking for a compact laptop.

The latest option I heard about was the FitDesk. This is smaller and less expensive than a treadmill desk. But the size of the work space is still an issue. I would have to work using only my small laptop, which isn’t optimal.

The Fitness Sanity Saver That Works for Me

In considering the former options, I found the DeskCycle. It meets all my needs. It is small and fits under my desk/work table, inexpensive, and allows me to use my full-size monitor. I am using it while I write this. It doesn’t move and is completely quiet. While I still need to get up and walk around every hour, I feel very good about staying active during long stretches at the computer. I did a review of it on Periscope if you want to see exactly how I’m using it.

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