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I apologize for my long absence. We decided rather last minute to go to Disney World the week before Christmas. Packing for 8 and making sure everything was done for Christmas before I left gave me no time for blogging. I will post about our amazing trip soon, but wanted to ask for your prayers for our friend, Dan. He is pictured here with his lovely wife, Melva. This picture was taken in October at their 50th wedding anniversary. He was in a car accident after shopping for a sweater that was on sale! Melva and I have more in common than the first three letters of our names. My hubby loves to clothes shop, too.

Dan's aorta and spleen were cut in the accident. The doctors told Dan and Melva that only 85% of people with his injury make it to the hospital and another half of those don't make it to surgery. Praise God Dan survived the surgery and his spleen has stopped bleeding, too. Please continue to pray for his recovery. Specifically, we are asking God to manage the fluid in his lungs and strengthen him to the point that he can move from the ICU.

Dan is a man who has developed a love for God's Word and is happy to testify to the life-transforming power of prayer and Bible reading. If you're ready to experience a new life in 2009, sign up for the New Life Challenge today! Signing up for the weekly newsletters officially enrolls you in the challenge.

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