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Yes, I’m a little late posting, but we were out late at a wedding! More on that later.

So technically, this first photo is from Day 4, but the hubby wanted me to include it. He said he couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t read anything on the computer. Turns out “someone” popped out one of the lenses on his reading glasses. Thankfully, he thought it was funny.

I hate to disappoint those who are getting a kick out of all the destructiveness going on here (yes, Mom, that’s you), but today was relatively quiet. I guess the 2yo was tired. He had a complete meltdown in the afternoon because I IMG_0112

wouldn’t give him any cookies. Maybe he needs cookie power to destroy. No worries though. He wasn’t completely dormant.

I started the day off with a great workout in the gym. I was really tired, but so glad I worked out anyway. This is the very manly part of the gym, but notice it isn’t overrun with them. After that it was showering, devotions, and a smoothie. Then chores and school. IMG_0113

One of the things we do twice a week is sing hymns together. I use the Kids’ Hymnal and we play on the keyboard in the basement. I let the 12yo give playing a go, even with 4 sharps. We decided we didn’t like the hymn anyway. Many of them are wonderful, though, and since we attend contemporary worship, I like the fact that I can give the kids a familiarity with the great hymns of the faith.

After Bible time, we spent a LOT of time learning about the constitution. We are in the midst of a Konos study on government. Our time studying meant so much more to me after listening to a homeschooling podcast with the author of Christianity and the Constitution at the gym this morning. The show was discussing how illiterate people are with regards to the Constitution. Apparently some people believe that the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to have pets. Not exactly.

Although our time was productive,  it was a challenge to get through the book because of the crazy questions the kids were asking. I had to start threatening to fine anyone who interrupted with a non-related question. Then the kids entertained themselves by trying to make a non-related question sound related. This is all while they wink at each other, bounce on a hoppy ball and fling a head band to the floor over and over. I showed the kids that I have a copy of the Constitution on my IPhone, hoping to inspire them to read it. They couldn’t wait to see it so they could show their dad their favorite iGolf and iBowl games they downloaded onto my phone without my permission.IMG_0115

It was time for lunch and I needed to keep the laundry going. I have to do at least two loads a day or it starts to get scary. That’s when I found one of my other personal irritants: band-aid papers all over the floor. We had to resort to buying a Sams- sized box of bandages. Yes, they have been dumped on the floor, but not even that bothers me as much as the leftover wrappers being carelessly discarded when the supposed owie has been bandaged. Please remind me to give a box of these to my kids as a baby shower gift someday.

After lunch, I had time to get more than 20 tasks completed as we didn’t do Konos co-op today. That makes this week fairly atypical for me. I went up to my room to put down a new carpet gripper and found that the 2yo had been busy creating. You might wonder what this is as I did. It’s my expensive anti-aging eye cream. Apparently the 2yo has seen me close up and knows it isn’t working. The other stuff is a makeup sponge wedged into a jar of creme foundation that I hated anyway. Guess I have to go back to locking my bedroom door. I just wish I could be INSIDE when it’s locked.

When said toddler was done with the makeup, he moved on to the bodybuilding supplements. Dh and I have creatine and

glutamine in our protein shakes every morning. But the way the little guy arranged this powder, it makes us look like drug dealers. I don’t think he eats any of this, but if he starts looking really buff, I’ll lock this in the cabinet where the markers are. You already know how secure that is.

One of my tasks for the afternoon was to make a wedding card for my friend’s son’s wedding we were attending last night. I thought about just printing one off the computer, but then remembered the great card kit I bought from qvc. IMG_0117

If you are a scrapbooker or card maker, please don’t ever watch paper crafting on qvc. Notice I am not linking you. I am trying to protect you. You will end up with enough products to scrapbook for your entire town. And you will convince yourself that you got a “great deal.” Even so, I do love this card kit that I bought several years ago that has everything assembled into little kits. You just have to glue for the most part and you’re done. If this couple is like my dh was, they won’t even notice the card as they’ll be looking for the check.

Incidentally, I was shocked when I opened my scrapbooking closet. It was CLEAN and ORGANIZED!! No one had pulled down all the supplies and
messed them up.
I swear I wanted to live in there. I realized that my office/craft room was built in part to be a haven for me and I rarely enjoy it. I hope to enjoy more time here next week. In the mean time, I enjoyed a great phone call from Phyllis who convinced me that I could turn my idea for a Christian fiction book into a completed novel by next weekend. She is already working on the movie rights and is sworn to secrecy. IMG_0120

When I went back into the mess house, I noticed I was sticking to the kitchen floor like it was human fly paper. It was time to get out my trusty Hoover Floormate. I wrote a post on my Wonder Women blog about it some time ago that so motivated Dana, that she asked to borrow mine. That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I went to the trouble of posting the profit-sharing link from Amazon. Oh well! She DID buy one herself and I’m glad for her. The Floormate doesn’t take less time, but it takes MUCH less effort. Whenever a drink spills (every meal), the FloorMate takes care of it. The only problem with especially sticky floors like I had today is that they take several passes to clean. I was so proud of myself for having the floor clean, so I wasn’t keen on dh’s pronouncement that it was “still sticky.” I confess to ramming him a couple of times with the FloorMate. What was the attitude thing I was saying the day before?

Anyway, our delightful 17yo babysitter arrived in time for us to go to the wedding. She was thrilled when dh gave her a quilt of her favorite book series–Twilight. Dh was thrilled too. He figured he could pay her a lot less. The wedding was beautiful. The talented groom sang to his new bride and all theIMG_1120
single gals were swooning. Actually, a lot of married gals were too. The reception was at a gorgeous place downtown. The only problem I had was accidentally signing in as a guest for a going away party. No wonder they couldn’t find my name! I so admire my friend, Debbie (on the right), who has had three children get married in the last year and a half! And isn’t she gorgeous? All in all, this was a very good day.

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