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Easy Green Smoothie Recipe Even Kids Like!

I love the green smoothies I can buy at the grocery store, but the problem is, they’re quite pricey! I wanted to make my own to save money and skip the preservatives. The nutrient quality should be even higher with homemade.

If you’re afraid of drinking greens, I encourage you to give this a try. It doesn’t taste like spinach. It tastes fresh and fruity.

Blend 2 cups packed baby spinach with 1 cup water until smooth. Add 1 banana, 1 cup frozen mango, and 1 cup frozen pineapple. I added a little more than 1 cup mango and the consistency was thicker. I liked it better!

You don’t need an expensive blender. I own this Hamilton Beach power house that cost me less than $30! Pick up the free meal planning ebook I mentioned here.

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Here I am making this smoothie one-handed!

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