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It was twelve and a half years ago that this post (had I been blogging then) might have been titled "And Baby Makes Three." But now somehow time has raced ahead to this moment when my last baby is turning three. He is in fact, no longer a baby. He's not even a toddler. He's a preschooler. IMG_1344

How appropriate that he is huffing and puffing to get his "3" candle blown out. It took me 3 hours of huffing and puffing to bring him into this world. And like the sweet frosting that stained his face for hours, he is a sweetheart whose baby days will not soon be erased from my memory.

I'm so thankful it isn't one, two, three, you're out. I've got quite a few more great innings of parenting left. I'm so thankful, too, that you've been part of my crowd, checking in here for the score.

May you enjoy a blessed Thanksgiving with your family!

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