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Believe it or not, I didn't set this up! We were visiting the new wing of a children's center in town and it was only when I was going through photos did I notice it said, "Beauty and the Beast" on either side of them. LOL Sorry to say, it's often true though they enjoy switching roles at times.

My daughter still has has times of screaming, "Fine!" and my baby still has plenty of times he just screams. But despite the beastly times, I feel like I'm living a fairy tale. I want to remember precious times like my 3yo's gestures to communicate he'd really rather I dress him. I want to remember little girl saying, "I love you all the way to Disney World." And I want to remember her response when I asked her, "How do you get to heaven?" We were having a good theological conversation and I wanted to make sure she understands that she can't ever be good enough to get to heaven on her own. Turns out she is much wiser than I as she answered, "To get to heaven, you have to die." LOL Well, we about died laughing. Hope you are enjoying some fairy tale living. Speaking of fairy tales, what's your favorite? Mine is probably Snow White.

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