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When you’re searching for the best homeschool math curriculum, you have your work cut out for you. Unless you landed here!

As a homeschooling mother of 19 years, I know that one of the most time-consuming tasks in homeschooling is researching curriculum. So I am saving your sanity by providing you with not just my top picks but a PDF of the top homeschool math curriculum options for every grade level. You can easily find the style of teaching, difficulty level, and time requirement that you’re looking for. You’ll easily see the best features and common criticisms of each. Plus, you’ll have access to the links to the best reviews. You’re welcome!

Download a List of the Best Homeschool Math Curriculum

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Best Homeschool Math Curriculum

The Best Homeschool Math Curriculum According to My Family & Friends

Math wasn’t a particular struggle for my kids, so my choices reflect this. I did include friends’ top picks that include options for those who find math more challenging.

Top picks for elementary math

Learn Math Fast

This curriculum helped my younger kids learn their math facts and operations better than anything else we’ve tried. And we’ve tried a lot of things! Save $5 on one volume with code SANITY5 and $10 with code SANITY10 for orders over $140.

Horizons Math

I used Horizons for my young elementary students before I found Learn Math Fast. I like that it’s straightforward, covers a range of introductory math, and does not have an inordinate number of exercises.

I have friends who recommend Singapore Math, Teaching Textbooks, Math U See, and CTC Math.

Top picks for middle school math

Learn Math Fast

My youngest two kids have loved using Learn Math Fast for middle school. Here’s a video review that my kids participated in.

Life of Fred

Most of my kids loved Life of Fred for middle school. I had one son who stopped using it and then came back to it. The funny story line and the lack of exhaustive exercises were popular with them. I interviewed the author on The Homeschool Sanity Show.

Teaching Textbooks is another top pick among friends for middle school math.

Top picks for high school math

Mr. D Math

My first exposure to Mr. D Math’s online, interactive math courses was when my high schooler took ACT Math Boot Camp. I have since enrolled two of my children in Algebra I and one in Geometry and Algebra II. I have a third student taking Algebra I in the fall and another son is taking Pre-Calculus. We are big fans of Mr. D as a math teacher. I have never once heard him be anything but energetic and enthusiastic when teaching my kids. I wish I could say the same about me!

Learn Math Fast

My kids love the no busywork, easy-to-understand algebra and geometry lessons in Learn Math Fast. Be sure to use code SANITY5 to save $5 on a single book order.

Teaching Textbooks and Saxon Math get high marks from friends for high school math.


Do you have a favorite math curriculum I didn’t include? Comment and let me know.

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