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I seem to do that a lot. Even when I am in the mode of simplifying and eliminating like I am now. I cut something out (speaking) and take on something bigger (video editing for church). Between homeschooling, the kids’ sports, and our busy social calendar, there isn’t much time. I am blogging right now at the park during our family bike ride. Bike is parked of course. Last night everyone went to a movie but me and the littles. Still have cleaning and grocery shopping tonight to do. Tomorrow is church, football practice, and a neighborhood potluck. Sometime in there i have to get my school stuff ready and the rest of the laundry done. Sometimes I wonder if I am just kidding myself that I can do anything but be a wife, mom, and homeschool teacher.

This is my baby boy enjoying a giant slice of pizza at Whole Foods. We went for our field trip on nutrition. The kids filled up on all the samples and begged for a way-too-expensive dessert, but I didn’t cave. Hope I can have the same resolve about not putting too much on my plate. Biting off more than I can chew

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