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Nope, I'm not talking about all the Christmas decorations in the stores. IMG_0148
Though that would be a subject worth discussing!
It felt like Christmas because it was such a GREAT day! The weather was divine. We did chores and some school, then Aunt Karen came by with clothes, cupcakes and candy for everyone. We all went out for lunch to Pizza Hut using the kids' reading certificates. We changed outfits quick at home and headed to the park to take family portraits. I can't wait to get them! We will be using one as our Christmas card so you will have to wait to see them.

We got home to receive my early Christmas gift from my mom–a Kindle! Can you believe that? You can watch a video and read all about them on Amazon if you've never heard of it. It's much cooler than I expected it to be. Only trouble is I can't read all day! I've already downloaded 3 books and I love it.  IMG_1231
What a generous mom I have! She and my brother had a great day, too. You have to check out my brother's prize-winning costume here.

We quickly got our costumes on and headed to the neighbors' for dinner. IMG_1240
I'm including my favorite shots. One funny thing my daughter said the day before when we were carving our pumpkin:

"I wish I was the mom so I could carve the pumpkin." I said, "Well, you'll be a mom someday and can do it. But for now you get to enjoy being a little girl."

Her: "Well, I don't like being a little girl because little girls have to do what their moms say." 

It seems appropriate that it should feel like Christmas on Halloween. Halloween can be a dark holiday–focused on death, demons, blood and gore. Jesus found His way into my holiday, making it a light-filled, joyous occasion. Hope yours was, too.


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