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Last week I wasn't very happy with my daughter. We were getting ready for P.E. and couldn't locate one of her shoes. Now who removes one shoe and leaves it in one room and leaves the other somewhere else? I asked her if she recalled hopping around. No.

Despite promising a $3 reward out of her allowance for the brother who found it, we couldn't locate the missing shoe. We were late for P.E. and little Miss wasn't able to participate since she was wearing dress shoes.

I was sure the shoe would turn up, but to date, it hasn't. Today I took my dd to the store to buy new tennis shoes, which I explained would be paid for out of her allowance. Notice the gold dress shoes she is wearing! On the way into the store today, I was reflecting on my mom's post describing how she managed to get the truth out of my brother oh so many years ago. I decided it couldn't hurt to use her tactic. After all, I remembered something that set off alarm bells in my head. Not so long ago, Miss E asked if she could have new tennis shoes with princesses on them. I said that her Dora shoes were perfectly good and she wouldn't be getting new ones until those wore out.

All of this prompted me to ask, "Which garbage can did you throw your old shoe into?" She mumbled, "The kitchen one." I said, "You were hoping to get new shoes, right?" She answered, "Uh-huh." Lovely. Lots of people are impressed that I manage six children. Folks ought to be impressed, instead, that I can survive this ONE. I think I need a margarita.

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