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IMG_0135Last week I opened my refrigerator and was greeted with the unexpected. This post title reminds me of something Erma Bombeck would write and I loved Erma. 

My 4yo daughter lovingly placed this "flower" in some water to keep it fresh. I vaguely remember her saying, "Mom, I picked you a flower and I'll put it in some water." I honestly wasn't paying much attention. The moment I saw this, I smiled and then wanted to cry. 

Was it guilt? I guess so. A little anyway. I was probably busy writing a blog post when she wanted me to notice the gift she had bestowed on me. I was touched by her love for me, despite my inattention. I was also moved by what I felt was a sign from God. 

God pulls weeds from my life–things that keep it from being the beautiful, thriving life He wants it to be–and He tries to gently show them to me. When I tell Him I'm too busy to pay attention to the weeds, He puts them where I'm sure to see them. He doesn't put up a WANTED poster listing all my lawless, evil deeds. Instead, he puts a dandelion in my refrigerator, like a note saying, "I love you. Let's look at this. Together." 

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