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Easiest Way to Repair DVDs and CDs

I see scratched DVDs and CDs in my sleep. They seem to go together with kids like fraying furniture and cats with claws. And even though we access so much online, we still use DVDs and CDs a lot.

A ruined $20 movie that we’ve watched numerous times doesn’t tie my guts in knots, but an art curriculum that I spent well over $100 on did. The first DVD in the set wouldn’t work at all. There were no visible scratches on it and I don’t think my kids damaged it for a change. But I didn’t know what to do. I’d purchased the curriculum on Ebay and there is no way to buy just one DVD in the set.

So I started researching how to repair scratched DVDs. I read very mixed reviews about sanding machines, and frankly, I couldn’t see myself scratching away at the disk with the right amount of pressure either with a machine or manually. When my eyes start crossing in reading the details of a solution to a problem I’m having, I start looking elsewhere.

In this case, I found reports that a simple product called Rain-X might solve my problem. I picked up an inexpensive yellow box of the original formula along with a fuzzless microfiber cloth. I squirted a little onto the cloth, rubbed the defective disk in a circular pattern, and waited until the disk was obviously wet and cloudy with the wax. I waited maybe ten to fifteen minutes until it was dry and then polished the disk. I used a dry part of the cloth and kept rubbing in a circular pattern until the disk was shiny.

I inserted the treated DVD into the player and hallelujah, it worked! A couple of bucks’ worth of Rain-X saved me over a hundred dollars. It turns out that Rain-X doesn’t actually take the scratches out. It just covers them so that the light isn’t scattered when it hits them. Simple, isn’t it?

Blessed are those whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. (Romans 4:7)

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