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The benefits of a music education are numerous and include intellectual, emotional, physical, and social advantages for children who receive it. But with so many subjects we want to teach in our homeschooling, it can be challenging to find the time. I am excited to share some easy ideas for adding music to our homeschools that I learned from Gena Mayo of MusicInOurHomeschools.com.

Easy Ways to Add Music to Your Homeschool


Easy Ideas for Lessons

Driving students to lessons is time consuming for homeschool moms. Look for a teacher who can come to your home instead. Both Gena and I have used this approach successfully. If your instructor can’t come to you, Skype can make in-home lessons a possibility. YouTube is another great way for your student to take lessons at home. Raising DaVinci offers an online ukelele course your kids may be interested in. The ukelele is an inexpensive instrument for emerging musicians.

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Easy Ideas for Listening

While you’re driving, listen to a classical music station. Or compare genres by listening to a variety of stations. You can also do this at home with Amazon Prime Music or Spotify which has premade playlists of various genres. Do double duty by listening to music while doing art projects.

Learn about composers and classic pieces by listening to Maestro Classics, Classical Kids, or Music Masters CDs.

Easy Ideas for Learning

Use music apps to note reading, music theory, and even music making. You can feel good about your student spending time on a tablet to learn music. What could be easier?

You can also enroll in a music course. SquiltBright Ideas Press, Zezok, and NotebookingPages.com all have courses Gena recommends. I also highly recommend the courses at Learn.MusicInOurHomeschool.com. We have taken the 20th Century Music Appreciation Course in its eBook form. It’s now available along with other period studies at Learn.MusicInOurHomeschool.com. These complete courses can be learned independently if you can stand being left out and are a fantastic option for co-ops. Gena’s 15-Minute Music Lessons are another easy way to include music in your homeschool. All lessons include printables you’ll want to use with course.

I’m excited that Gena is offering my readers a $10 off coupon for any course (besides the homemaking and sampler courses) through May 15th, 2017 with code SANITY.


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