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IMG_0016I have to admit that I am afraid of the toddler paint combination. You've probably seen those horrible photos that get sent around the 'net of the kids who dumped interior latex all over the leather furniture and television. That doesn't help my phobia at all! 

When I turned 40 (please don't think that was a long time ago!), I determined to stop living in fear. After all, the Bible is full of Fear Nots. Giving in to fear is actually sin because we are not trusting our Super Power God to handle things. Or we trust Him to handle things; we just don't like the things He has planned! So in the spirit of fearing not, I let the kids use the second most terrifying kind of paint (house paint still takes first prize). And nothing big happened. Yet. The kids just played and didn't get it in their hair, on their clothes, or on me. But I must mention that I store the finger paints right next to the leftover latex. Will they follow the rules and not use the paint without Mommy? Let's hope so. 

Until then, join me in declaring a Fear Not zone. Do something you've always been afraid to do and trust the Super Power to come to the rescue if you get into a mess.

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