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Yes I am still with the program. Just being a bad blogger. I know you have all been suffering silently as you wait for my update. LOL

I did Shred level 3 and survived. Circuit 1 is very easy. Then your legs and abs are tortured. Shred is the best but I only like doing it on days I don’t weight train. For the other days I have been checking out some great new stuff. The one I will tell you about today is www.nikewomen.com. It’s free! Create your mi and tell the site whether you want cardio, strength or both. You are then given a completely different workout as many days a week that you sign up for (4 being max).

Either online or via the free iPhone app, you can view the exercises via video. If you have an iPhone you can use the built-in timer that ends with a whistle. If you dont, you can print the workout off and use your own timer. Most exercises are done for 2 minutes which makes it challenging, but you determine the pace which makes it easier. I watched the videos before I worked out. It’s too disruptive otherwise. Workouts last 20 minutes.

I love listening to my own music for these workouts and the variety as well. If you sign up, add me as your buddy to get the competitive motivation flowing. You earn points for exercising.

Finally I lost a pound. I am using a different eating plan that I love. It’s just like body for life only you get 1-2 less carb portions, 3 fat servings (your goal weight in calories), and 1 treat (goal weight in calories). The treat days are when you are not “buffing.” I love the idea of a treat and not counting calories too!

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms!
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