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As long as I can remember, I have associated Fridays with fun. So much so that I've gotten depressed if I had nothing fun to do on a Friday! There was no risk of that today. Here's what was fun about today:

My dd had a fun gymnastics class. She looked so grown up to me today and she was so obedient. Now THAT'S fun!

We had an outrageously fun day at a fossil museum and hiking trail. I don't know if I have ever experienced more beautiful weather in my life. My friend was aghast to see me eating wheat crackers. I guess I forgot to tell her that I can now eat anything I want!

I had fun talking smack with my neighbor who won the pie baking contest. She insists that she didn't even know what kind of apples to use. She just got "lucky."

What's more fun than having your dh home after a week? Not much!

The fun continued as we watched the older boys play flag football and then went out for a delicious dinner.

We are ending the evening listening to one of our Audible books, Catching Fire.

Wishing you a very fun day, too!

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