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Humor is a great way to motivate kids to write. When we give kids freedom to write what they think is funny (as long as it isn’t hurtful or offensive), they can discover the joy in writing. While some of these writing prompts aren’t funny in and of themselves, they open the door for your student’s comedic genius.

Free Funny Winter Writing Prompts


Get the Printable Prompts HereSubscribers will find the printables in the folder linked at the bottom of your email.   Just like the funny fall writing prompts I created, these writing prompts are appropriate for all ages. Younger kids can dictate their writing to you. These are the kinds of cute papers that will be keepsakes! New writers will appreciate the printables I’ve created for subscribers with colorful pictures and handwriting lines. Older writers can use their own paper or type their responses.

These winter writing prompts include Christmas and Valentine’s Day topics


    • Five things that wouldn’t make good Christmas gifts are:


  • Make up a recipe for fruitcake that explains why few people like it.



  • Write about who the Gingerbread Man would run into in your neighborhood and who would end up eating him.



  • Write your ideal Christmas Day schedule



  • Write a nice thank you note for an ugly Christmas sweater



  • Write a letter from a snowman to a weather forecaster complaining about the warm temperatures



  • If snowflakes could talk, they would say…



  • If you had the power to freeze things like Elsa from the movie Frozen, how would you use your power?



  • Describe a sled ride down a hill from a dog’s perspective



  • Write lyrics for the song a love-sick cat would sing



  • Create the perfect candy for Valentine’s Day, listing ingredients and directions



  • Describe a cold to someone who’s never had one before




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    If your child writes something really funny, share it with me at psychowith6 at gmail dot com and I may share it on the blog.