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I should have listened to Gregg and stayed list-less! Even a goal list can give me fits. I found myself feeling guilty and avoiding things that I honestly want to do simply because it was on my list! It has me agreeing with a woman in Playa del Carmen this January who told me, "I don't know what your experience has been, but I think psychologists are pretty crazy." Imagine the look on her face when I told her I was a psychologist. LOL But I couldn't have agreed more!

I'm going to adopt my 4yo's philosophy of life–I'm just going to go after what I want. It's what I was doing for four months and I was never happier. In fact, I am going back to making a happiness list. I have a dated journal that I will be writing in most evenings. It's such good therapy for me! My happiness list is a no-pressure way of looking not only for things to be grateful for but things I've accomplished.

Big on my list today was surprising my kids by taking them to a new restaurant. I ordered them into the car with shoes and coats on. The oldest were certain that I was taking them to the dentist. LOL I even took time to turn the car around so the 4yo could see the neighbors' snowman. I have also enjoyed starting a sane organization of digital photos (I'm putting them in folders by year and month and noting any special events in the file name, but that is ALL!). Thank you Bit Literacy by Mark Hurst! Finally, I'm happy that the summer I spent writing So You're Not Wonder Woman was not wasted on an acquaintance I talked with tonight. She was so glad that I was real in the book. She makes me want to be real ALL the time.

I'll check back next December and see how many of those goals I accomplished. Right now I plan to accomplish some dessert. LOL My little guy is making me hungry!

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