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I’ve shared my enthusiasm for Learn Math Fast as a means of learning math facts, but it’s also a great method for kids who are behind grade level in math. I asked the author to guest post on the subject and I was thrilled when she agreed. I have Volume I of Learn Math Fast (a $45 value) to give away by April 1st. Follow the Rafflecopter instructions below and best wishes!

by JK Mergens

Homeschooling your child can be a beautiful journey full of magical moments, but for some, teaching math isn’t one of them.

Many families have told me how they have tried nearly every math curriculum out there.  They’ve tried manipulatives, worksheets,  DVDs, online programs, and nothing has worked for their struggling, older child.  The clock is ticking; high school is only a couple years away.  What are parents to do when they discover their 7th grader is barely passing 3rd grade math?  How can they possibly make up 5 years of math by next year?  How do you convince a 12-year-old boy that he needs to read a first grade math book, adorned with cartoon animals and big, puffy letters?  When you feel your child needs to start over from the beginning and actually learn math, instead of guessing or counting on their fingers, you should try the Learn Math Fast System.

The Learn Math Fast System has a unique approach to explaining math–one that is working for hundreds of homeschooling families across America.

The system consists of four paperback books and one geometry kit.  It is designed to be read from page one, which starts with first grade math, all the way through to the end of book four, getting your child caught up to eighth grade math in about a year.

How is this possible?  The Learn Math Fast System focuses on the most important concepts in math and cuts out all the filler and fluff.  The math facts are taught using a systematic approach to ensure that all gaps are filled in, giving students a solid foundation along with an understanding of higher math.

It doesn’t matter if mom and dad are rusty in math, the Learn Math Fast System assumes the reader is new to each concept.  All answers include full solutions, so you aren’t left wondering how to get the right answer.  And if you need additional help, you can contact the author via email anytime.

If you like the fun, casual math in the Life of Fred books, the high school preparedness of Saxon math, and the success of Singapore Math, then you will love the Learn Math Fast System It can successfully prepare your child for high school math in about a year, with a fun, casual program.

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