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Like my husband, my third son is like an m'n'm. He's a little crusty on the outside, but the kind of sweet that melts your heart on the inside.

He is athletically skilled, passionate, forceful, productive, and sensitive. His sense of humor has really developed in the last year. He loves to tease. His favorite nickname for his dad is donut boy. If you've seen my hubby, you know he's anything but, but this nickname really gets the giggles going. My boy's love language is touch so I'm hoping he'll always be up for some cuddling, nine or no. We celebrated his birthday as we always do at home with friends and then at the indoor water park.

I'm interested to see what the future holds for Mr. A. Will he be a military man, a salesman like daddy, or will he be the first to get married? Only God knows. One thing I do know. He's nine and I'm so thankful he's mine.

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