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Img_0046_edited1 Maybe you’ve wondered if I’ve been doing a lot of this. Nope! But superheroes DO need rest! Christmas, the flu, birthday parties, church functions, and homeschooling have kept me extra busy as have two very destructive preschoolers!

But in my absence from blogging, I’ve been finding a lot of great things I wanted to share with you! Here are a couple of them.

The first  is www.jott.com. Heard of it? I told one of my friends who always asks about my latest finds about it and she doesn’t have a cell phone. You have to have a cell phone to make use of this. Let’s say you’re in your car and you remember something you need to email someone or that you need to be reminded of. Just call Jott and the message is automatically typed for you in an email. Jott to yourself, your spouse, a group, even your blog! Best of all…it’s FREE!

Another free find I have for you is www.iwantsandy.com. This is a lot like Jott (and actually you can use both services together) only you email Sandy. She sends you reminders to your email or your phone as you request. What makes Sandy a big time-saver is you don’t have to take the time to enter items into your calendar. When I do that on Yahoo, I have to use several steps to also set up the reminder. With Sandy, it’s as simple as emailing r 2/5 10 am radio interview in the subject line. R stands for "remind me." Each day Sandy will email you what you have on your agenda. You can use her to keep track of your todo’s, too.

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