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Atlantis copyI haven't yet blogged about our trip to Disney World, but it's finally stood out on my Autofocus list so I'm on it!

Our trip was truly magical in so many ways. We've taken the 3 oldest before (5.5 years ago), but something about having all the kids with us made it extra special. That and being there around Christmas which is around the time when my family went when I was a child gave it extra meaning.

Disney World at Christmas is truly a sight to behold. The lights and sounds put me in the Christmas spirit in a way I've never experienced. 

I also experienced fear in a completely new way. Our 3yo's unpredictable screaming jags had me a bit on edge. But 90% of the time he was very, very good. It's just that when he wasn't, he wasn't.

When I turned 40 I decided I no longer wanted my life to be ruled by fear. It isn't that I'm a particularly fearful person. It's just I've decided life is too short to miss out on things because of unfounded anxiety. Turns out my son Ben put my decision to the test. He insisted that I go on the Tower of Terror with him. I'm using that experience as the basis for two talks I'm giving in the next month, so I won't elaborate here. I will say that confronting my fear and distaste for the free-fall sensation in the tower made our ride on the Journey to Atlantis (SeaWorld) seem like a piece of cake. Okay, so I don't look thrilled. But after this dash to seeming death, I found myself thinking, "That wasn't so bad. It was almost…fun!" 

So that, together with a lost/stolen IPhone that has since supposedly been recovered (still waiting for it to arrive via the mail) is how our trip was. Sweet and scary.   

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