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I promised you another book review and here it is!

Years ago, I met Shelley through an online writers group. She was looking for a psychologist to do a little writing for her humorous look at the subject of mental health. I was more than happy to oblige! I read Shelley's book and laughed out loud. That says a lot! I rarely laugh out loud at books.

I got to know Shelley and understood why I was laughing: she is very, very funny! She's the only person who's ever written a Christmas letter that I think should be published! Although the book is funny, it deals with a serious subject that Shelley is intimately familiar with. She does a great job at attacking the stigma by being brutally honest.

The book is funny, Shelley is funny, I had great fun writing for her, but that is where the fun part quit until now. Although Shelley was encouraged by many, many publishers, none of them would take the book and run with it. Shelley gave up. When I had a good experience self-publishing, I told Shelley to do the same. So many people I have mentioned her book to had asked, "Where is it? I want it!" So in fairly short order, Shelley has her book published and ready to sell on Amazon. If you know anyone who's not OK, this would make a great Christmas gift!

Check out Shelley's website to read an excerpt of the book and take time to read her blog. She's a riot. I have no doubt that Shelley will be A-OK with you!

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