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IMG_0035I have twice had the pleasure of attending a Hearts at Home conference in Bloomington, Illinois. The opportunity to have time away from all the demands of motherhood to laugh and learn with other mothers from around the country was truly a blessing. I have taken home tips and resources on everything from home decorating, to sex in marriage, to discipline. I have homeschooling and non-homeschooling friends who look forward to it as their one getaway for the year. 

This week I will be blogging for Hearts at Home  in the effort to encourage you to attend one of their fabulous conferences in Rochester, MN (Nov. 7-8) or Bloomington, IL (Mar. 13-14). Quite honestly, it would be a dream come true for me to present at a Hearts at Home conference some day in the future! Until then, I will enjoy giving away a book on Friday to a lucky commenter on any of the following questions:
1. Why is it so challenging to keep your heart at home?
2. How do you keep your heart at home?
3. What do you do to keep your Mommy batteries recharged?

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