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This picture pretty much sums up how I feel about life after my blogging frenzy last week. Sure, I like the increase in sleep and productivity I've experienced since I gave up my daily blogging marathons, but here's the problem. Whenever something happens like the 2yo blackening my brand new laptop's screen and touch pad with an archival marker, I IMG_1203
no longer have my blogging crutch to get my through. Last week, I would have snapped a pic with my IPhone while silently repeating, "This will be funny. This will be funny" to keep myself from screaming and crying. Without the "Week in My Life" blog, life really hasn't been very funny at all.

This second shot is of my daughter "ice skating." Yep, this was the extent of it. This was a homeschool field trip in our study of friction. Nope, there's not a lot of friction out there unless you are my friend's poor little boy who split his head open in his first ten minutes on the ice (He got five stitches and returned in time for everyone to leave). There was no friction unless you count the kids who were angry at their mother for not bringing long socks and gloves. Maybe I forgot because I canNOT ice skate. I tried once when I was little and I felt like my feet were going to snap off at the ankles.

So maybe I will snap pictures and will tell myself that I'm going to blog these fiascos even if I don't. It's cheap therapy.

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