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Melhouse2 We didn't go to Gulf Shores this year with our homeschool friends. Last year when we did I made my homemade margaritas that my girlfriend is crazy about. Today the weather was gorgeous and we had an impromptu pool party, but my friend's husband couldn't join us. I had the naughty idea of sending this photo to him at work, showing him what his wife was up to! Of course I said "wish you were here."

Not to be outdone, Mr. G doctored up the photo to include himself bottom right. LOL What a fantastic day it was even though our pal couldn't join in the fun.

Here's the recipe for Mel's Margaritas (though it really isn't my recipe; I got it from an SCD email years ago):

Serving Size: 2

Juice from 3 limes (I've used bottled juice and it tastes awful; use fresh!)
2 ounces orange juice
2 ounces tequila
4 T honey
2 cups ice

Blend using the grind setting on your blender for a frozen margarita. I always use a leftover lime rind to juice the rim of the glasses. Then dip in sea salt. Enjoy!

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