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For some reason, I love telling people that. I'm easily amused! And it's true. Last month, we celebrated my brother's 30th birthday. I'm just two years older than he is. LOL No, he's my baby brother by more than a decade, so now I really feel old!

IMG_1017A highlight of our weekend was getting a personal tour of the factory where he works. He made it so interesting for all of us. We had no idea how many uses there are for walnuts! Being with my brother is like being with my dad. He's easy-going, loves to eat, and is pretty much of a NUT! They never fall too far from the tree. 😉 The kids and I were at Sams this week and found some black walnuts made in the factory where my brother works. I immediately thought of how much I love my brother and how much he HATES walnuts! 

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