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When I was a clinical psychologist working in a Christian practice, I couldn’t talk about myself. That was hard on this outgoing gal! Now that I’m inactive as a psychologist and instead a homeschooling mother and blogger at home, I can talk about myself all I want. I apologize in advance.

Farmish Girl

I grew up in South Dakota when it was cold. Really cold. People expect that I like cold weather, but I remind them I didn’t get to choose where I was born! I really hate being cold and adore the four full seasons we have in Missouri. I so appreciate the rural and small town upbringing I enjoyed, however. My parents didn’t farm, but we did live on an acreage with lots of animals for several years. I also worked on a farm every summer. Nothing like weeding beans and detassling corn to build character!


My love for writing and speaking started in high school with the encouragement of a wonderful teacher and coach. I got involved in competitive speaking in high school and college. God has blessed me by giving me opportunities to continue to write and speak while staying home with my children. I’ve written for newspapers, magazines, and ministries. I’ve been a regular guest on radio programs and even had a couple of TV appearances. I’ve been able to speak for women’s and homeschooling events more often now that my babies are out of diapers. Interested in hiring me to speak for your event? Check out the Speaker page. Interested in hiring me as a freelance writer? Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Wonder Woman

Just because I was doing it all when I decided to stay home, doesn’t mean I was doing it all well. I was struggling as I tried to balance pregnancy, chasing toddlers, homeschooling, housekeeping, and writing. When I found FLYLady online, things changed. I went from living in sweats amidst piles of laundry to dressing like Princess Di in a squeaky-clean castle. It might not have been that big a change, but compared to my nightmarish life amidst legions of roaches in graduate school, it really did seem like a fairy tale.

One night as I was preparing to speak about getting organized at a women’s retreat, God helped me see the connection between Wonder Woman and Ephesians 6.  I created a talk entitled, So You’re Not Wonder Woman, and later a book by the same name. In them I share with women the truth that without God, I’m a basket case. With Him and His Super Power, I can be a real Wonder Woman, and so can you. (Unless of course, you’re a man, then you’d rather be Superman).


One of the questions I’m often asked is whether I feel I’m wasting my education at home. You can read my answer on the FAQs. I do want to make a difference in people’s lives, but I believe the most powerful way for me to do that is to teach my own children and help the people I meet along the way. But this blog and my book also make it possible for me to provide biblical counsel from the comfort of my couch. I like the idea that I can say, “Hey, try this!” or ask, “Have you thought about that?” without charging you over a hundred dollars an hour. I hope you like that, too.

Doing it All

Even with the Super Power, it doesn’t seem like I should be able to homeschool, keep my home in order, give my husband attention, blog, speak at events, stay fit, serve at church, enjoy playing tennis, and scrapbook family memories. Honestly, it’s a challenge. But I keep praying and somehow everything that must be done gets done.

My precious mother-in-law was suffering the effects of Alzheimers when I brought my third baby home. She had raised six children of her own while working in her husband’s business, doing church and community volunteer work, playing tennis, entertaining, socializing more than anyone I’ve known, and being an involved mother and grandmother. Although she hadn’t said much that made sense in the months leading up to my son’s birth, she told me,

“If I can do it, so can you.”

Sometimes I won’t make sense, but that’s what I want you to know, too. If God can take a messy, selfish, undisciplined woman like me and enable me to do what I do, He can do it for you.

About the 6

Caleb is 17 and attending high school as a senior. He’s crazy about playing piano, acting, and especially studying. I may have overdone it with the homeschooling.

Sam is 15 and is a homeschool sophomore. He is crazy about Spanish, playing guitar, and asking me why I don’t do things the right way.

Andy is 13 and is a homeschool 8th grader. He is crazy about making popcorn, playing ping pong, and policing the other kids.

Ben is 11 and is a homeschool 6th grader. He is crazy about playing tennis, having fun, and asking people questions, including his sister whom he doesn’t understand at all (note the look).

Elaina is 9 and is a homeschool 4th grader. She is crazy about writing, music, and crafts–but not crazy about the clean-up.

Nick is 7 and is a homeschool 2nd grader. He is crazy about reading, dessert, and his siblings, not necessarily in that order.

Daisy is 5 and has been expelled from homeschooling for failing potty training too many times. She is a Coton de Tulear which is as pretentious as we get around here.

Our Homeschool

Are you just getting started homeschooling or are you curious? Check out How to Homeschool. You can also see links to everything we are using for school this year at the bottom of the home page. We do not use all of these materials every school day. Many are used as supplements only, so don’t freak out thinking you need a lot more curriculum. You don’t.

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Check out Welcome to Psychowith6 or complete the form to contact me. God bless your day!

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