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how to homeschool, 15 easy stepsBrand New to Homeschooling?

You or a friend can do it in 15 simple steps!

1. Decide if homeschooling is right for you. It took me some time to decide to homeschool. I share my story here. Read this list of issues to consider and if you still want to homeschool, continue to step 2.

2. Learn the homeschool laws for your state. You’ll want to be ready with the information when asked. While you are at HSLDA, consider joining to make sure you have an attorney to defend you if needed.

3. Homeschooling is much easier with friends. Contact a local support group. Many of them offer seminars for new homeschoolers.

4. Decide which homeschool approach or curriculum is right for you. This is the most difficult part of homeschooling, but this quiz based on your and your students’ personalities can help.

5. Plan to attend a homeschool conference. The speakers will educate and inspire you and you’ll have a chance to look at lots of curriculum and purchase it without paying shipping. Many events have a new homeschooler track.

6. Share your intention with relatives, friends, and neighbors. Be ready to answer questions without getting defensive. Remember, you were once uneducated about it, too.

7. Create homeschool goals for the year. If you don’t have a measure for success, you’ll struggle with uncertainty.

8. Buy curriculum if you haven’t already done so. Borrow or buy used while you are still getting your feet wet.

9. Decide which extra-curricular activities you’ll participate in. Limit them or you’ll find you’re doing car schooling instead. Here are a few homeschoolers’ thoughts:

10. Organize your books, supplies, and record keeping approach. You don’t have to have a dedicated school room, but you do need a place for everything.

11. Create a homeschool schedule. You may never keep it perfectly, but having a general plan for the day will help you achieve your homeschool goals.

12. Devise a plan for keeping the house clean. Because you will be home most of the time, you will have to do more to tackle messes. Here’s one approach you may like.

13. Create a simple meal plan. Even though you’re home, you still have a full-time teaching job. I recommend getting meals into the freezer and some of the tips here.

14. Make the first day of school special. Have the kids write what they’re looking forward to in school and save it until the end of the year. Check out these ideas.

15. Make plans to stay motivated. The excitement at the beginning of the year won’t last unfortunately. Subscribe to my blog and God bless your school!